Decrease Your Risk

Nobody knows more than your employees about what is happening in your workplace. Reporting mechanisms, or “whistleblower” outlets, alert you to workplace problems before they escalate into loss and litigation.

Reporting Hotline

The Employee Protection Line® decreases your exposure to employment-related claims by helping you promptly solve problems, solidifying your legal defenses, and providing your employees a valuable workplace benefit.


Workplace violence, harassment, discrimination, theft, fraud, or other wrongdoing lowers morale and reduces productivity. Employees can report workplace wrongdoing toll-free or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Decreasing the fear associated with reporting threats, ethics violations, and theft. A barrier-free method for preventing and discovering wrongdoing allows anonymous and confidential reporting.

Collective Risk Management

Confidential reports received through the service are provided to your Collective Risk Management Team®. This team is responsible for receiving and addressing reports of risk or wrongdoing through the external reporting channel.


Electronically recorded and maintained in a secure, off-site storage facility.

Professionally Transcribed

Voicemails left on a secure inbox are transcribed verbatim by professionals within 24 business hours.

Conflict Check

This conflict check will determine whether or not there are any Collective Risk Management Team® members who are ineligible to receive the report.

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