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What’s New at in2vate

By Roger Duffield

As President, I always love sharing updates! We are now one year post our global response to COVID-19. It is also one year since in2vate began a journey on educating our consumers. An educated consumer would be someone who understands the opportunities that are available through in2vate, how to access them, and then make decisions that fit their needs.

Our first step was to categorize our services and technology into two major categories: Operational and Strategic. Operational services are those primarily intended for use by an individual organization, while Strategic services are for larger organizations (mostly insurance groups or self-insured groups) that provide services to multiple other organizations. This distinction is to simplify how we provide information to our clients.

For years we have used the tag line; helping you make risk management simple. Much of our efforts have been in streamlining our services and how they interact together. Much of 2020 was spent on evolving our technology for two important elements facing our clients; better data for decision making and using data to improve client retention.  Also, in 2020 our clients engaged us to help navigate a world where in-person interaction was almost non-existent. They were happy to find we had a variety of tools that could help with their specific needs and ease the burden of navigating a more digital world.

Several years ago, we wrote an article about the importance of de-siloing data. That is big part of our Strategic Services, allowing multiple groups to have access to the same information for decision making.  We just took a major step forward in this area; we have entered a partnership with iLearningEngines, a firm that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to drive outcomes. in2vate, along with our in2vate online™ technology will be leading their entry into the property casualty market space. They have already proven themselves in more than 12 other business sectors and our mutual desire to simplify processes, increase data streams and improve client engagement and retention is a perfect match.

In the near future we will be providing webinars on how our clients can pair in2vate technology, and their own internal resources with Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to make quantum improvements over time.

Needless to say, there is a lot new at in2vate!

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