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The in2vate Advantage

By Roger Duffield, CPCU, ARM

One of our clients reached out to us with a major problem during Covid, but the truth is Covid just pushed it to the surface. The challenge was how can they easily demonstrate their client engagement to their leadership team. The field staff were working more with clients solving a multitude of problems – just not in the field, but over the phone.

Record keeping had become extremely difficult to keep up with for the field staff while reporting to leadership was even more difficult. Aggregating the data was also taking a large percentage of time each week for everyone.

We expect this to be an ongoing challenge, becoming even more difficult as the labor market is shifting, and positions remain open. The question may change slightly to “are you engaging with the clients you are supposed to in a timely fashion?” but the need for tracking client engagement remains the same.

After implementing in2vate’s workload technology, the client was able to easily track their ongoing client engagement including the time they spent with each client. This also resulted in a variety of unintended benefits. The tool did not need to be limited to field staff interaction, it could aggregate data on interactions with other team members, third-party vendors, and outside inspection services.

We are setting the stage for automating an annual stewardship report that can clearly identify the services a client is provided. Our clients were able to reduce their time spent on reports to less than 30 minutes each week and the leadership team knows they can count on obtaining specific client engagement data whenever it is needed. 

This problem was solved in less than 30 days!


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