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Education & Training

Deliver risk management education and training to frontline human resources, supervisors, employees, and volunteers with a dynamic learning management system (LMS). Choose from over 220 online courses on a variety of risk management subjects. Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows for easy assignment of training and provides robust tracking and compliance tools. We offer online training in our LMS in the following topics: employment practices liability, workplace safety, and child abuse prevention.

Employment Practices Liability

Keeping employees informed throughout your organization can avoid litigation. Understanding laws and best practices is an essential part of an effective defense if a claim should arise.

Workplace Safety

Ensuring compliance and educating employees on safety can be a challenge. Understand what regulations apply to your organization, and have a plan in place to assure workplace safety is a priority.

Child Abuse Prevention

Adults working with children should understand risks, signs of neglect, and how to report a suspicion. Build a safe environment by decreasing the risk of child sexual abuse and neglect.

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Online Training

Users can be designated and assigned courses by profile, site, department, and/or role. The in2vate online ecosystem allows for easy assignments, access to assessment records, and compliance management.


Ease administration and empower employees to self-assign their courses. With just a few clicks, users can quickly begin their training.


Designate courses to be auto-assigned based on specific criteria. Users are assigned only relevant courses when they register and select their role.

Training Reports

Training activities are tracked in real time. Preview all or specified users’ reports. Search by name, profile, site, department, or role.


Live Training

Manage all users’ records in one place by recording live training data in our system. This provides a comprehensive view of all training (live and online) for easy tracking and compliance management.

Schedule Sessions

Facilitators can schedule session types to be used again and again, keeping all user records grouped in one place.

User Registration

Session pre-registration for attendees can occur in one of two ways: self-registration or by an administrator.

Record Keeping

Keep live session records with online course records. Housing an individual’s records in one place makes accessing them simpler for administrators.


Ongoing Training

Bulletin streams deliver current and relevant articles to your organization’s team members. Our Best Management Practices bulletin stream is weekly, our Workplace Resources stream is bi-weekly, and our Child Abuse Prevention program streams are monthly. Additionally we also offer a monthly Employment Law Alliance stream giving national employment law changes and webinars.

Best Management Practices

Frontline managers and supervisors can receive articles via email and add them to a favorites list for later reference. Article acknowledgements indicate which articles a user has read on their training record.

Workplace Resources

Keeping up-to-date is key to responsibilities in the ever-evolving world of human resources. Continuous education keeps your HR current.

Smarter Adults–Safer Children®

Our child sex abuse prevention program, Smarter Adults–Safer Children. Keep employees and volunteers informed of best practices in working with youth, indicators of neglect, and reporting procedures.


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