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Operational Services

Our Operational Services

A More Personalized Approach

in2vate offers a suite of services that enable organizations to manage their people risk. Our technology aggregates risk data across an organization and delivers it in a streamlined approach we know that meaningful business outcomes can only be derived from ensuring that their data arrives in the correct stakeholders’ hands.

The in2vate difference is evident in the ways we provide ongoing education and support for the system.  The services we provide help leaders who are making a direct impact on risk management and compliance within their organization.  in2vate provides technology and helpdesk support to the individuals maintaining their organizations services; we keep our members informed of technology improvements that impact the day-to-day functioning of the system; and most importantly, we guide members on not only how to use the system, but how to maintain it for their success.

Organizational-wide compliance

Are your workplace policies stored in one place and frequently reviewed and updated? Are people processes aligned with operations? Need help identifying areas of people risk? Need assistance navigating a workplace issue like sexual harassment? Are employees asking for an anonymous outlet to voice their concerns? Our services are designed to help you address all of these and more.

A Single System for All Your Training

Streamline your business efforts by using one online system. No matter which services your business opts into, they are all housed in the same system.  If you decide to grow your risk management suite later, in2vate simply turns those services on for you.  Our one-system approach allows your people leaders to integrate highly adaptive technology that provides meaningful data and resources, while still having time to focus on their day-to-day.

Keep Employees Informed

It shouldn’t be difficult to keep all of your employees in-the-know on upcoming business affairs and deadlines. Use the system message board to quickly notify employees of important news and events happening at your organization. Or use in2vate’s online communication tool to email reminders about upcoming training deadlines and other topics directly. Last but certainly not least, our Learning Management System is equipped to inform employees of new training assignments and remind them of upcoming training deadlines.

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Risk Consultation Line

Our employment practices subject matter experts are available to assist you and your leaders with sensitive or risky employment scenarios. Our experts provide one-on-one proactive best practice risk management guidance during your time of need.

Risk Resources

in2vate supports the development of employee handbooks and workplace policies and procedures by providing model resources for download and customization to your organization’s needs. People leaders also have access to our workplace risk assessments, used to identify weaknesses and strengths in your multiple personnel management processes.

Employee Protection Line

This anonymous reporting tool allows employees to report wrongdoing and concerns regarding the workplace, either online or via phone. Organizations can prevent costly circumstances by being informed of employee concerns and workplace wrongdoing. Our reporting line fulfills the Whistleblower hotline requirements the Sarbanes–Oxley Act.

Learning Management System

Train, educate, and track your employees’ and volunteers’ learning in one system with our robust catalogue of online training modules. Not only can organizations assign online training, track progress down to a single user and particular module, and store completion certificates, but they can also use our educational bulletin stream as ongoing workplace education.

Smart Risk Management

Keeping your employees informed throughout your organization can help organizations avoid litigation. Understanding laws and best practices is an essential part of an effective defense if a legal claim should arise. The resources available through the in2vate Online System will empower your organization to proactively assess and manage employment practice risk in the workplace.

Smarter Adults - Safer Children

Adults working with children should understand risks, signs of neglect, and how to report a suspicion. Build a safe environment by decreasing the risk of child sexual abuse and neglect. Keep employees and volunteers informed of best practices in working with youth, indicators of neglect, and reporting procedures. Our Smarter Adults – Safer Children program will help you do just this.


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