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Risk Mitigation for Companies in 2022

A challenge facing nearly every insurance carrier is the lack of a distribution model and tracking systems for their content. What is available, and how do you get it to the right people at the right time? What systems are in place to track this content, and is it automated? Is the information you need siloed and often hard to find? These are common issues in the insurance world but something artificial intelligence and machine learning can easily conquer.

iLE, our parent organization, has created a robust version of AI bot technology that can be placed just where needed. It will track interactions and limit content based on who is accessing it. The bot can be used internally for helping in the onboarding process, making sure everyone has been provided the proper training, or it can be used exclusively with your clients. The customization options and usage are endless – it is up to your imagination.

Consider two broad applications of this AI bot technology,

  • Internal use – Create a unique internal “google” by uploading your handbooks, policies, procedures, manuals, and other resources your staff needs. Set access controls to certain documents as necessary. Need to create customized training? Use the AI to assist in ingesting any content; SCORM, PPT, Word, Excel, and PDF. After ingestion, the AI will even recommend learning assessment questions. Access be through Office 365, Slack, Teams, browser, or any internal messaging system. Consider all the time savings. Start Small and build it out.
  • External Use – Create a simple to use custom “google” for your distribution channels.  Add all your marketing materials, applications, risk services, and need-to-know information. Allow your distributors to add this to their website or internal messaging tools. They can even include a separate feature to incorporate their resources. Robust analytics help provide ever-improving information for yourself and your clients or insureds.


With all the logistical and time-saving benefits of our AI technology, combined with our three decades of industry expertise, why not ask us how we can help you?


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