September 18, 2017

Risk Management Trends Pt. 3: In2vate’s InsurTech Niche

Risk Management is becoming its own science through the development of the InsurTech niche. A paradigm shift in the industry is moving the standard away from the “silo model” to an innovative “ecological model“.

Here’s how In2vate embodies this new model.

In2vate has been working with the insurance industry, self-insured groups and TPA for more than two decades. Our expertise is backed up by experience.

In2vate Online is a cloud-based technology landscape. The integration of the different services and tools built into that landscape allow for an administrator to have a bird’s eye view of their organization. These capabilities equip decision-makers to see their organization’s strengths and risks at any given moment.

Data is collated from the micro-level, centralized, and instantly redistributed via your own customizable network. Sub-groups can be tiered into hierarchies that grant different levels of access to the central database so that specific branches or departments aren’t sifting through masses of irrelevant data.

At In2vate, we know the identification of risk is not equivalent to solving the problem. The In2vate system has the ability to generate action plans and monitor their completion to allow for “micro-adjustment” within your organization at any time. The ability to respond to risk before it snowballs into an event is key to risk management.

A systematic, customizable data-collection tool allows your team to get the exact information they need to make the best decisions. This data is collated and fed into the central database where it is ripe for illuminating analysis. See your risk in near real-time, not in hindsight.

At In2vate, we like to make risk management simple by:

  • Creating our tools around an ecosystems framework of insurance.
  • Allowing for a feedback-system framework to keep you ahead of the risk management curve.
  • Building in custom data-gathering mechanisms to serve the unique needs of your organization.
  • Equipping you to implement and track action plans.
  • Empowering you to be proactive, intuitive, and effective in your risk management.

As the Risk Management sector evolves, In2vate is more than ready to take on the challenge.