Assessing and Comparing Your Risk

Gather and share data throughout an organization based on job responsibilities for informed decision-making. With targeted measurements, expect to see improvements in compliance, operations, and claims reduction.

Features You Actually Need

Unique Assessments
  • Custom or pre-generated assessments
  • Global benchmarking by assessment
  • On and offline mode
  • Link to additional resources

Robust Questioning
  • Immediate real-time scoring
  • Upload documents and review
  • Add scoring and weight to each answer
  • Add unique Best Practice to each answer

Custom Action Plans
  • Automated Action Plans and Items
  • Document status and follow-up
  • Assign to responsible party 
  • Attach documents

Improvements Based On Real Data

Localized Reporting
  • Organizational reporting on Assessments, Action Plans and Action Items
  • Assessment snapshots
  • Individual assessment results
  • Benchmark your organization against other organizations

Global Reporting
  • Global reporting on Assessments, Action Plans and Action Items
  • Pyramid-based reporting structure
  • Show global and individual organization’s improvements over time

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