An “administrator” is the person, or group of people, who are designated to manage their organization’s in2vate services. Administrators are often in supervisory, administrative, or HR roles at their organization. Administrators:

  • Add new users accounts
  • Remove user accounts
  • Assign training to users
  • Unassign training to users
  • Set up sites, profiles, and departments categories on the platform
  • Run training reports
  • Communicate to end users
  • Assist users with logging in
  • Send users their login information

Administrators’ accounts are given all rights and permissions available, including the right to edit other accounts’ access to in2vate’s services.

“Administrator” also refers to the name of the profile setting given to the user account of the person who fills that role.



What is a “user”?

What is a “user account”?

What are “sites, profiles, and departments”?

What are “Rights and Permissions”?

What is a “Profile”?

What is the difference between an “account” and a “profile”?



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