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in2vate’s Child Sex Abuse Prevention Program

By Roger Duffield, CPCU, ARM

This article is the final installment of a three-article series on child sex abuse prevention. If you haven’t yet read the first two, please start with in2vate’s history of abuse prevention and then in2vate’s approach to child sex abuse prevention programs

Most of in2vate’s clients are either insurance carriers or alternative risk coverage providers. To this end, providing resources that are both strategic for a carrier but can also be individualized for an individual policyholder is very tricky. This challenge is something that we have a great deal of experience navigating. We have developed a great balance between these needs to serve our very different audiences when it comes to sexual abuse prevention.

in2vate’s approach is to provide a variety of educational approaches, state-of-the-art technology, and expert content through relationships with subject matter experts. This is accomplished by:

From a carrier or coverage provider point of view, there are several challenges that need to be met when developing any global solution. This becomes even more difficult when you are providing resources on a topic as sensitive as sexual abuse prevention. To be successful for a carrier or coverage provider a solution must:  

  • Be easy to implement
  • Be engaging with the members/policyholders
  • Reduce the risk of loss while recognizing each client or policy holder will need to implement a unique plan
  • Provide a competitive advantage – Providers can easily combine their knowledge and resources with in2vate tools to make a unique solution
  • Provide additional resources to address gaps in strategy

From an educational standpoint, in2vate provides a wide variety of educational strategies that begin by educating managers and organizational leaders through our quarterly webinars. We have our proprietary LMS with content for Employment Practices, Sexual Abuse Prevention, and Workplace Safety. In many instances we can also host the coverage provider’s own content, so we are adding to their existing library. We provide follow-up education through weekly and monthly bulletins for managers and supervisors.

in2vate has a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) that allows individual clients to track bulletins read, set dates for future training re-assignments, add their own training, track live training outside of the LMS, electronically assign policies, and track dates of background screenings.

in2vate has Technology solutions that help make risk management simple. Many carriers and coverage providers are exhausted from keeping up with all of the internal and external websites and resources for themselves and their clients.  We are able to aggregate these data into a single stream through in2vate online™. in2vate online has been uniquely developed to provide aggregate information for carriers and coverage providers while still allowing individual policyholders and members to use the tools that are right for them.

What has been an industry frustration for years has been paying for unused services and being unable to know the extent to which services are being used. We believe we have struck a healthy balance by providing an option for sponsored resources where you (the coverage provider) only pay for the clients that are actually using the services. Each client is also able to upgrade to additional services they want and need at discounted rates. Those discounts are attributed to the carrier.

If you or your clients are looking to provide strategies that reduce risk and protects children from abuse, we encourage to reach out to our staff to create a unique strategy different then your competitors.

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