In2vate: Where Automation Has a Face

By Roger Duffield CPCU, ARM

A week or two ago I was participating in a discussion that centered around what our technology does for our clients. We discussed how our clients use our technology offerings but in completely different ways as they can individualize it for their own needs. The conversation continued about the areas where we assist our clients. They fall into several broad strategies; Education, client engagement, streamlining of operations, and usable data aggregation.

We shared story after story of how we helped our clients address their organizational challenges often when they have been looking for solutions for years. We discussed our great relationships with them and then we had an a-ha moment. Many organizations provide amazing technology but, in many instances, the new technology requires a complete shift in workflow strategies. We have been saying for years, instead of changing everything, start with something small and evolve from there. The response we have received is amazing. By collaborating with our clients, we have been able to provide more effective technology solutions individualized to their needs. Our automation and technology will help streamline operations and improve workflows – not hinder them.

What came out of this was the idea of “Automation with a face”. Yes, we answer the phone with real people. Our technology features advanced machine learning and A.I. Artificial Intelligence, but if you call, we answer the phone. Our client managers are there to help solve todays needs to meet tomorrows goals. We solve problems in real time, and you do not get lost in a queue.

If you are trying to accomplish one of these items: Reduce the frequency and severity of claims, reduce operational expenses across divisions, improve user experience for acquisition and retention, increase market share and differentiate services, improve data collection and analysis across departments and/ or strengthen risk portfolio. Please reach out to us you will find that at in2vate automation does have a face!


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The in2vate Advantage

One of our clients reached out to us with a major problem during covid, but the truth is covid just pushed it to the surface. The challenge was how can they easily demonstrate their client engagement to their leadership team. The field staff were working more with clients solving a multitude of problems, it just was not in the field, it was over the phone.

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One Client One Problem

The goal of this article is to share a small case study of how in2vate collaborates with our clients help solve their problems with our Enterprise Risk Management technology.

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