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How to Assign Training Modules

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to the “Administration” tab.
  3. Under “Quick Links”, click “Assign Online Training.”
  4. This opens the list builder page. There are 2 ways to build a list:
By Sites, Profiles, Departments, &/or Roles
  1. Using the available drop downs, select one or more Departments, Sites, Profiles, or Roles to assign training to.
  2. Click “Search Now” to display all users you have selected.
  3. You can uncheck any individuals you would like to leave out.
  4. You can save this specific grouping of users and give it a name.
  5. You may click “save and add more users” to do so.
  6. If you are happy with the list, click “save and continue”.
  7. This allows you to audit the list one last time.
  8. Click “Continue” if you are happy with the list.
  9. This takes you to the assignment page.
By Individual
  1. Search users by first name, last name, or email address by using the “Search by Name” button.
  2. The results will appear below the search bar.
  3. Click the user’s name.
  4. This adds the user’s name to the box below the search bar.
  5. There is a red “X” to the left of the name—click this “X” to remove a user from the list.
  6. You may continue to build the list.
  7. Click “Continue”.
  8. This page allows you to audit your list on the right and add more users on the left.
  9. When you are happy with your list, click “Continue”.
  10. This page is your final list—you may audit as needed.
  11. Click “Continue”.
  12. This takes you to the assignment page.
Continuing the Assignment Process
  1. Once you reach the assignment page, a list of available training modules will appear by category–Tick the box(es) next to the training you’d like to assign.
  2. A due date of two weeks from the current date will auto-populate. You may enter a different date.
  3. After selecting training modules, scroll to the bottom and notice two options to “Assign the module again” or “Do NOT assign the module again”. Choose which best suits your scenario.

    1. Some modules may only need to be taken once. Other modules may need to be taken on a reoccurring basis.
    2. If you select “Do NOT assign the module again”, then the system will only assign the module to those in your list who have never taken it before.
    3. If you select “Assign the module again”, then the system will assign the module to all users in your list regardless of whether they have previously completed the module.

  4. Click “Assign Modules”.
  5. You will see a confirmation that the training has been assigned, including the number of assignments made.

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