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Cyber Risk Management

In our last article, we discussed the evolution of Smart Risk Management from the 1990s to today. The cybersecurity threats that organizations are exposed to continue to evolve in sophistication and quantity. Our clients have recently asked for support resources in cyber risk management. The requests have ranged from the need for cyber training content, to nudge training for employees, cyber risk assessments, phishing training, and connection with subject matter experts.

If you read the Smart Risk Management article, this should sound familiar. We, along with our parent company iLearningEngines, created Smart Risk Management Cyber. It includes:

  • Customized cyber risk assessment which is part of our risk management software.
  • Aggregate Data Collection to review how your entire client base is handling cyber risk. This risk management tool excels when you need to provide data to an excess carrier or another group. You can use our tools to identify which clients need which resources or provide a global report within minutes.
  • Training in cybersecurity that can be stand-alone or spread with ongoing education throughout the year with nudge training
  • Phishing tools provide an ethical way to simulate phishing attacks to spread awareness, keep everyone wary of cyber threats, and put best practices into use.

Our clients have the ability to choose the strategy and the risk management tools that are right for them.


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