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With rising frequency and severity of losses, in2vate provides AI powered risk management technology for organizations looking to simplify their risk management processes and avoid liability landmines. in2vate serves all types of organizations, such as religious institutions, public entities, educational institutions, and even small businesses in implementing enterprise risk management. 


High administrative burden onboarding, training, upskilling, and retaining employees 

Rising number of internal and third-party digital systems and solutions leading to increased time spent on risk oversight and redundant tasks 

Lack of time, energy, and internal expertise to identify and resolve workplace hazards before they materialize into costly litigation and loss of reputation 

Manual and disparate documentation of policies, training, safety, and risk compliance efforts 

Maintaining compliance with evolving regulatory and workplace risks and regulations

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ERM Solutions

  • Ease Administrative Burden 
    • Create custom curriculums to auto-distribute risk training and policies for effortless onboarding and ongoing education. 
  • Employee Permissions 
    • Make system rights and resources widely available or limited based on job role or function.  
  • Administrator Visibility 
    • Dynamic dashboards to immediately identify risk and address gaps in training, safety, and policy acknowledgements.
  • Empower Employees 
    • With risk management training, education, and consultation to proactively identify, report and respond to risk. 
  • Resource Library 
    • Develop a centralized repository for all internal documents for easy accessibility, documentation, and acknowledgement of employee engagement. 
  • System Flexibility 
    • Modular system build-out allows organizations to expand and scale services as needs arise and consolidate multiple systems. 
  • Employee Records 
    • Consolidate all current and past employee training, BG/MVR, and policy acknowledgement records for instant access.  
  • Backend system integrations 
    • Connect to internal core systems to identify training, experience, and competency gaps. 

Case Study

A large non-profit organization with over 30 locations and 4,400 staff needing to be trained on an annual basis contacted in2vate for risk technology support to reduce the administrative burden for the training and development director, consolidate online and in-person training systems, store historical and ongoing training records, and develop customized online training modules using proprietary content.  

In just a few hours, in2vate’s Client Experience Team helped the admin set up their new online platform to match the organizational structure and training requirements specific to each site, department, and personnel role. Minutes later, the administrator was able to seamlessly upload all 4,400 employees into the system to begin the automated online risk training distribution. They then began using in2vate’s Live Training Tracker to document prior training sessions and attendees to create a database of historical training records tied to each current and past employee, while simultaneously using the risk management tool to schedule and track ongoing in-person training. The client was also able to leverage their own content and resources to create site and role-specific online training modules using in2vate’s self-authoring tool.  

  • Incumbent risk training platform had minimal flexibility for site/department specific training administration and report writing 
  • Cost and resource intensive administration as current platforms limited administrative capabilities to one training director 
  • The organization spent a minimum of 2-5 hours a week manually entering all new hires, seasonal staff, and volunteers into training platforms 
  • Manual training assignment and re-assignment schedules were all manually tracked via excel, leading to oversight issues and errors 
  • Multiple platforms for online, live, and self-authored trainings caused compliance oversight issues, disparate documentation, and redundant tasks 
  • Storing all historical records was necessary to migrate to a new training platform 
  • Digital infrastructure allowed admin to set site and department training specific requirements and custom reporting capabilities  
  • Online platform allowed for site and department specific administrators to delegate responsibility to front line managers 
  • Mass user upload and employee self-registration tools to ease new hire onboarding  
  • Automated assignment features improved compliance, minimized errors, and greatly reduced administrative expenses by allowing administrators to create job and role-specific curriculums to auto-assign and re-assign online training 
  • Client was able to create online risk assessments and training courses, as well as administer and track online, live, and video trainings  
  • in2vate supported administrator in leveraging the Live Training tool to store historical training records to create a centralized repository of records tied to each current and past employee
  • Over 60% reduction of administrator time adding new staff and assigning job related training 
  • Centralized ability to conduct in-person, online, video, and self-authored training. Ability to store all related documentation for seamless reporting 
  • Reporting enhancements for the training director to view across the organization or drill down into site, dept, role, or individual reports 
  • Added historical training records to support organizational or site audits  
  • Ability to add ‘local admins’ for site and department specific administration improved overall compliance and gap identification

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