Industry Trends

Taking Advantage of the InsurTech Edge

Pencil drawing a bridge above abyss between cliffs.

The risk management framework is evolving as leadership begins to find a competitive edge in the loss control office. Organizations are working smarter with their data by taking advantage of InsurTech solutions. As a result, the capability to optimize risk increases organizational resilience and improves the bottom line. In other […]

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The Benefits of Online Corporate Training


Fast Facts In today’s world, if you aren’t in-the-know about online corporate training, you’re already behind. Here are some quick facts: Estimates pin the eLearning market size in 2010 around 30 billion and north of 100 billion in 2015. And it’s still climbing. In 2017, the Chartered Institute of Personnel […]

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How Self-Insurance is Transforming the Risk Management Framework

Today’s Risk Management Framework has rapidly evolved from a static to-do list of compliance issues to a dynamic science. Risk departments aren’t just making sure your coffee cup is covered while walking through the office; they’re predicting the future and making sure bad things don’t happen. Of the many causes […]

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Claims and Exposure Data at Work: A Baseline to Establish ROI

Return on Investment baseline

It’s the time of year when strategic initiatives are being mulled over in conference rooms with pots of coffee and whiteboards. There’s a plan on the table followed by a moment of silence until someone asks the question: How can we demonstrate ROI? This question is a double-edged sword because […]

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