Industry Trends

Claims and Exposure Data at Work: A Baseline to Establish ROI

Return on Investment baseline

It’s the time of year when strategic initiatives are being mulled over in conference rooms with pots of coffee and whiteboards. There’s a plan on the table followed by a moment of silence until someone asks the question: How can we demonstrate ROI? This question is a double-edged sword because to begin ROI discussions assume […]

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5 Ways to Convince Millennials to Work for Your Insurance Company

When Millennials think of an insurance position, they cringe at the thought of a mundane 9-to-5 spent hunched over a keyboard in a cubicle or the archetype of the pushy salesman who is only interested in commission. Quite often, the idea doesn’t even cross the horizon of options when job hunting. With insurance talent increasingly […]

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Risk Management Trends Pt. 2: Data Risk Management in Near Real-Time

The insurance industry is evolving to stay relevant to consumers and take advantage of technology; a paradigm shift in the insurance world is under way. InsurTech is the love child of traditional insurance and modern technology with its data management capabilities. It is redefining the industry’s standard from the silo model (read about that here) […]

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Risk Management Trends Pt. 1: How InsurTech is Breaking Down Data Silos

People are in the market for financial security, predictability, and control; and they want a product that’s as versatile as the organizations and lives they lead. Many organizations are taking coverage into their own hands through various forms of self-insurance. InsurTech was born as a result of this transition to assist these organizations in meeting […]

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