in2vate Client Update

This month I wanted to discuss a little bit about what we see with our clients. There always seems to be several common themes when we work with organizations for the first time. They often have an idea of what they want to accomplish but do not know how to […]

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What’s New at in2vate

Male hand holding megaphone with whats new speech bubble. Loudspeaker. Banner for business, marketing and advertising. Vector illustration

By Roger Duffield As President, I always love sharing updates! We are now one year post our global response to COVID-19. It is also one year since in2vate began a journey on educating our consumers. An educated consumer would be someone who understands the opportunities that are available through in2vate, […]

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in2vate Announces Partnership with iLearningEngines

We would like to announce a new partnership with iLearningEngines (ILE), a global provider of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Their mission is to use data and learning to improve outcomes, which aligns perfectly with our mission. iLearningEngines currently is working in variety of verticals globally. They were rated […]

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