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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Removing Stigma to Increase Effectiveness

Youth organizations attract some of the most caring (and patient) adults around—at the same time, they attract adults with malicious intent to abuse children. Superintendents, camp directors, religious leaders, and youth services organizations alike are looking for solutions that effectively address child sexual abuse, keep their kids safe, and don’t […]

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4 Tips to Prepare your Summer Program

Spring is here and summer will quickly follow. Summer youth programs may not be on your mind, but planning for upcoming camps and programs should be. How does your organization prepare for staff and volunteers working with children? Providing a safe environment is key to running a successful youth program. […]

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Taking Advantage of the InsurTech Edge

Pencil drawing a bridge above abyss between cliffs.

The risk management framework is evolving as leadership begins to find a competitive edge in the loss control office. Organizations are working smarter with their data by taking advantage of InsurTech solutions. As a result, the capability to optimize risk increases organizational resilience and improves the bottom line. In other […]

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Is Your Background Screening Program Compliant?

Compliant Background Screening Program

Today, employers are navigating complex waters when it comes to creating a compliant background screening program. Screening is necessary to assess prospective team members, understand risk and exposure, and to make good hiring decisions. Here are some important compliance standards to keep in mind when navigating Fair Credit  Reporting Act […]

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