September 12, 2017

A Lesson from Equifax

Laptop and lock.

News of the Equifax breach has media, everyday consumers, and authorities in a frenzy unlike any other cyber theft this year.

While details regarding the mechanisms of the attack are not available, there is one lesson every decision-maker in the workplace must realize: managing cybersecurity risk is essential.

One of the most common cybersecurity myths is assuming your company is immune because you have just implemented the newest and latest cybersecurity technology.

We often imagine hackers scaling the firewall or picking cyber locks, but the truth is,

hackers love to go phishing.

They drop their bait in your employees’ email, wait for a bite, and stick their foot in the door.

The human element in preventing a breach necessitates mindful employees armed with a basic understanding of cybersecurity, awareness of red flags, and a simple protocol.

So next time cybersecurity is on the table, remember to not only guard your servers, but also protect your people.