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In2vate’s comprehensive risk management approach for the insurance industry drives outcomes at scale in all key functional areas – underwriting, claims, loss control, sales, and customer service. We specialize in managing insurance risk and enterprise risk management.

Whether you are a provider, pool, producer, or policyholder, we will partner with you to streamline operations, empower your employees, and enable data centric decisions.

In our three decades of experience as a risk management services company, working with clients both big and small, we have adopted a simple but powerful three-step process to impact meaningful change for how you mitigate and manage risk in your business.

in2vate’s Risk Management Process

Step 1


Expert backed and AI powered risk management process to collect vital data towards developing benchmarks and building best practices enterprise wide

Step 2


Data centric risk analysis enabled by live dashboards and customized reports supporting preventative and predictive decision making

Step 3


Trigger based optimized processes and custom learning automation and training programs, aligned to closing risk and competency gaps

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“in2vate offers risk management solutions built on AI and data. We go a step beyond with individualization and unmatched personal attention from our advisors.” 

Roger Duffield, CPCU, ARM, President

The in2vate Advantage

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Data Normalization

Data Normalization

By adding exposure data to the collected data points in2vate can provide normalized measures for each client, benchmarking them to their peers, for claims frequency and severity, and training saturation rates. Using this data the AI prioritizes risks to address.
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Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

in2vate's ecosystem of risk management services, partnerships, ability to ingest custom content, as well as a dynamic digital infrastructure to distribute services globally and with granularity, creates an environment allowing for continuous innovation. We meet the evolving needs of clients with self-service and/or collaborative solutions and customized platform building to address specific needs.
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The in2vate Online™ Ecosystem allows for easy aggregation of structured and unstructured data streams from internal and external sources. This allows an unobstructed flow of data to all stakeholders to get data in the hands of the decision-makers. Our tools allow for our AI to look at dozens of correlations between descriptions, cause codes, location of claims, and injuries. The AI looks beyond the surface level and matches narrative information with the coded data providing new insights.
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Risk Assessment Benchmarking

Risk Assessment Benchmarking

To drive better decision-making at the client and all levels of the carrier, in2vate allows for individual client assessment benchmarking and global data aggregation. Our technology of can create a risk profile by ingesting claims data, history, exposures, and training saturation rate to create a custom risk profile to benchmark any individual policyholder off normalized claim data on the frequency and/or severity of claims.
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Risk Automation Tools

Risk Automation Tools

Reduce operational expenses through automation of administrative processes and repetitive tasks enabling error-free processing and regulatory compliance based on AI-driven trigger actions.
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AI & Machine Learning


Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) allow for the creation of client risk profiles. This creates a risk analysis based on real-time user signature patterns. We can automatically identify the impact of potential compliance exposures. These profiles allow for an advanced warning system based on heat maps. Our AI can also set automated triggers that help identify issues and reduce administrative tasks.
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